My go to mascara’sss

If you are anything like me and is absolutely obsessed with mascaras, you know just having one doesn’t do the trick. I am always on the look out for a new ‘doll’ lash mascara, so far my go-to products are YSL shock, Dior pump n volume, Lancome grandiose, L’Oreal false lash and Charlotte Tilbury full fat lash which to be fair is my least favourite, only because I want a clumpy look which I found doesn’t have that effect on me, otherwise it’s great. Right now I’m on the hunt for a new one, I’ve heard great reviews about Too faced better than sex mascara, I guess I need to find out if I’m going to be wowed.


YSL – The Shock
Dior – Pump n Volume
Lancome – Grandiose
L’Oreal – False Lash
Charlotte Tilbury – Fat Lush
Too Faced – better than sex


images sourced via Tilbury,Selfridges

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